Fee Structure

Fees are to be paid over a 12 month period. From Nov 1st 2017 to Oct 31st 2018.

If you have paid your fees in full by the end of October 2017, any amounts paid will be credited to your account as pre-paid fees for 2018.

We have continued the $100.00 discount to all families who pay their fees in full before June 29th 2018. If you are leaving at the end of 2018 this discount will be taken off 2018 fees however if you are returning in 2019 you will receive a credit towards the next year fees.

Family Fee - $1650.00 – per family
This charge covers the repayment of school loans and a portion of other recurrent expenses, utilities, capital items and building maintenance.

Student Levy - $380.00 – per student
This includes all classroom materials, cleaning items, books, excursions and incursions. (This does not include the Year 6 Camp)

Maintenance Levy - $175.00 – per family
You have the opportunity to attend a scheduled event where you will receive an $80.00 rebate for up to 2 working bees.

I.T. Student Levy - $150.00 – per student
This is to maintain all the school hardware, software and licenses support student learning their classrooms. With the inclusion of STEM as a specialist program, this levy helps facilitate the future use of programs and projects.

Year 6 Camp - $350.00 – per student
2018 Year 6 camp will be held on Wednesday 23rd May to Friday 25th May 2018. Further information will be forwarded to Year 6 parents in regards to the camp in the 2018 year.

Year 6 Tee Shirt – $25.00 – per student
For Year 6 students only. This will be a separate item on your fees