There are several ways we build the emotional and social wellbeing of our students at SPJE:
Student Wellbeing at SPJE is supported by


Anti Bullying
Alongside these approaches we recognise that bullying is NOT OK and everyone needs to stand up against it.  We teach children about bullying and appropriate responses.
Twice a year we administer a “Behaviour Survey” to track both positive and negative behaviours.

When we see, hear about or experience bullying there are several things we can do to take action.

We can

    1. not respond,
    2. report the incident and
    3. keep the evidence.

It is important that if we are a bystander we need to take action.

We aim to build a culture where we all “stand up and speak out” and where we all say “we don’t do that here.”

A buddy system operates at SPJE. Children are paired with a buddy from a different level.