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“Everything we do is about building optimistic, resilient young people of faith,

ready to be effective members of community,

contributing to and enriching the world around them”.  

                                                                                 Catholic Education Melbourne


Wellbeing is critical to young people’s learning and life outcomes. It is embedded in all we do within our SPJE community.

Teaching wellbeing in our school enables safe and respectful school communities, connects children, young people, families and staff through collaborative and caring relationships, engages students through experiences that motivate, empower and inspire and reframes the learning of wellbeing as an integral component of broader academic learning.  

“At the heart of each Catholic school is a desire for the full flourishing of each student, across religious, physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains.”

                                                             (Horizons of Hope)

Student Wellbeing at SPJE includes:

  • A Wellbeing Leader who oversees and manages the whole school approach to wellbeing and social emotional learning.
  • A Social, Emotional Learning-Facilitator who leads the wellbeing lessons and many of the other programs, enabling the development of pro-social skills and emotional resilience
  • All classroom teachers who are teachers of wellbeing

There are several ways we build the emotional and social wellbeing of our students at SPJE:

  • Our SPJE Rights and Agreements – These agreements call our students to practise Respect, Participation, Awareness, Listening, Kindness and Courage.
  • Play is the Way games and behaviour education – this is a whole school approach which encourages pro-social behaviour and resilience.
  • Fortnightly Wellbeing classes focusing on the Victorian Curriculum capabilities.
  • Optimistic Kids program –  This program aims to build resilience in students so that they have the skills and tools they need to successfully navigate challenges in life.
  • Rock and Water program -This program is an experience that provides students with a pathway to self-awareness, and increased self-confidence and social functioning.
  • Social Skills groups – Targeted social groups run throughout the year, with all age groups,  to encourage positive play.
  • FRIENDS for Life Resilience program – This is a social skills and resilience building program that has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective means to prevent anxiety in children.
  • ‘Seasons’ Program – Children who have suffered grief or loss may participate in this 10 week small group grief and loss program run by a trained leader.
  • ‘MPower Girls’ is a program addressing the complex issues of female friendships and may be offered to groups of girls who having difficulty in their friendship group.
  • ‘Tuning in to Kids’ is a parenting program for parents wanting to help their children learn to understand and regulate their emotions.
  • Counselling – We have the services of two psychologists from Catholic Care who each work one day per week.


Anti Bullying:

At St Peter Julian Eymard Primary School, we believe that all members of the community have the right to a learning and work environment free from intimidation, humiliation and hurt. We all share a responsibility to foster, promote and restore right relationships. We believe that bullying is unacceptable and we all share a responsibility for preventing it.

The students are exposed to explicit teaching of positive behaviours embedded within the curriculum addressing positive relationships, conflict resolution, resilience, bystander action etc.

For more information on our Anti-Bullying Policy, please see ‘Policies’ under the ‘Our School’ tab.